Renewal Applicants

The renewal application is for existing CSI schools that are nearing the end of their contract term. Contact Ryan Marks ( for more information.

Renewal Evaluation

The primary driver of the renewal evaluation is the CSI Annual Review of Schools (CARS). CARS is the system used to annually evaluate and accredit schools based on the CSI’s Performance Frameworks. CARS aligns with the state performance framework, which evaluates academic achievement, academic growth, and postsecondary and workforce readiness. And,  CARS includes additional measures related to academic, financial, and organizational performance to provide a more comprehensive and robust evaluation that includes strong indicators of charter viability and sustainability.

Renewal Application

The renewal process provides schools with the opportunity to present new or supplemental evidence around school performance. This information helps to augment the CARS report and existing body of evidence used in the CSI Renewal Report. Additionally, this information may inform the renewal contract, identify areas of needed CSI support, and/or update CSI records. The renewal process requires the involvement of both the school leader and the school board.

Site Visit

The site visit will primarily focus on corroborating and augmenting the information found in the charter renewal application and the CSI Annual Review of Schools (CARS) Report. Additionally, the site visit is used to verify that the school is implementing improvement strategies with fidelity.

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