Authorizing 101


What is a Charter School Authorizer?

A charter school authorizer is responsible for holding charter schools accountable for performance and monitoring compliance with all requirements.

In Colorado, charter schools can be authorized by school districts or the Charter School Institute (CSI). CSI is the only statewide charter authorizer in Colorado.


What are the fundamental principles of charter authorizing?

  • Access to high-quality school options for all students
  • Autonomy for schools to offer educational models that meet the needs of their students
  • Accountability for schools in meeting high expectations and fulfilling obligations to students, parents, and taxpayers

What is CSI’s approach to authorizing?

CSI’s prioritizes access and balances autonomy and accountability.

In line with its mission, CSI seeks to foster high quality public school options for all students. CSI offers its schools the flexibility to choose the models and methods that best meet the unique needs of their communities. In return, CSI holds its schools accountable to clear expectations for performance.

Learn More About Charter School Oversight

Colorado charter school authorizers have many responsibilities. These responsibilities include approving or denying charter applications, setting expectations and overseeing charter school performance, and determining whether to renew or close schools based on performance.

Charter School Authorizing 101

Understanding Charter School Oversight


Why Authorizing Matters for Quality

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