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CSI is committed to fostering high-quality charter school options that meet the needs of their communities. Each member of the 20,000+ CSI community of schools has a unique story on why they have chosen a charter school.

Below is a selection of stories from CSI school staff, parents, and students. Each story highlights what charter schools and choice mean to them.

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Student Stories

This powerful video highlights four very different CSI schools and how they offer unique educational choices in their communities.

Schools Featured: New Legacy Charter School | Kwiyagat Community Academy | Thomas MacLaren School  | The New America School – Aurora 


Student Stories

“New Legacy gave me confidence to ask for help…The staff taught me to advocate for myself.”

Bianca & Xa’Kye

Student, New Legacy Charter School

Read Bianca & Xa’Kye’s Story




Bianca & Xa'Kye

Student Stories

“What makes [Mountain Middle School] so special is how free…and how extraordinary it is.”


Mountain Middle School

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Parent/Staff Stories

“It was the perfect fit. The model was exactly what we were looking for…It’s been great!”


AXIS International Academy

Watch Elisa & Ashley’s Story




School Staff Stories

“I love working in an innovative environment…I see these kids thrive and grow every day!”

Mary Bain

Staff, CEC Inverness/Douglas County

Read Mary’s Story




CEC Teacher - Mary Bain

School Staff Stories

“I love being here. I work with great people and I love bringing kids to their fullest potential.”

Lorna Floyd

Staff, Academy of Arts & Knowledge

Watch Lorna’s Story




Student Stories

“I love my teachers and all of the faculty. They’re wanting us to get better. They’re wanting us to grow.”

Bella, Addie, & Matthew

Ascent Classical Acdemy

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Ascent Student - Bella

Parent Stories

“It feels like a family…[My daughter] is really thriving as a student and it’s wonderful as a parent to see.”


Colorado Springs Charter Academy

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Parent Stories

“We chose AXIS partially for the cultural experience that he would get to be immersed in every day.”

Chase Pittman

Parent, AXIS International Academy

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AXIS Parent - Chase Pittman

Student Stories

“My favorite thing about Animas is the student-teacher relationships…my teachers actually care.”


Animas High School

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Parent Stories

“I saw something in Michael that I had never seen before, he liked school…I watched his success take off.”

Michael’s Family

Parent, Global Village Academy

Read Michael’s Story




Global Village Academy Student - Michael

Student Stories

“[Mountain Song is] joyful…It’s unique. It’s a Waldorf school…Artistic…It’s a safe environment.”

8th Grade Students

Mountain Song Community School

Watch Their Stories




Student Stories

“Thanks to the college opportunities that [CEC] offers…I’m on my way towards achieving that goal.”

William Navarette Moreno

Student, Colorado Early Colleges

Read William’s Story




CEC Student - William Navarette Moreno

Student Stories

 “I really love AXIS…When I came to AXIS, I was like, “Whoa! This is super enriching!” 

Lily, Damian, & Cora

Students, AXIS International Academy

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Student Stories

“We have a close relationship with our teachers and our peers and it’s such a small learning community.”


Animas High School

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School Staff Stories

“As each year passes I find more and more reasons to believe why our small school is excellent.”

Megan Atherton

Staff, Golden View Classical Academy

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Golden View Classical Academy Teacher - Megan Atherton
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