New Applicants

The CSI new school application is for teams seeking to open a new charter school with the Charter School Institute.

To learn more about the CSI new school application process, please fill out this short form. This will ensure we can provide you with the most relevant information and resources. 

Eligibility to Apply to CSI

CSI can consider applications for charter schools proposing to locate districts that do not retain exclusive chartering authority. And, CSI can consider applications for charter schools proposing to locate in districts that retain exclusive chartering authority and have released an applicant to apply directly to CSI.  Here is a list maintained by CDE identifying districts by exclusive chartering authority status.

New School Application Timelines

Prospective applicants should attend a CSI orientation 2-6 months prior to submitting a Letter of Intent.

Activity Summer/Fall Cycle Spring Cycle
Application Orientation Prior to Letter of Intent Prior to Letter of Intent
Letter of Intent Due June 24, 2024 February 24, 2025
Application Due July 29, 2024 March 24, 2025
Applicant Community Meeting TBD by Applicant in August or September TBD by Applicant in April or May
Applicant Presentation to CSI Board’s PM Committee September Committee Meeting April Committee Meeting
Applicant Interview with CSI Review Team TBD in August or September TBD in April or May
CSI Board’s PM Committee of Recommendation October Committee Meeting June Committee Meeting
CSI Board Action October Board Meeting June Board Meeting


Application Materials

CSI Letter of Intent

CSI New School Application Template

CSI Budget Template

CSI New School Application Rubric

These materials are specific to applicants applying to the Charter School Institute. If you are applying to a school district, be sure to use the school district’s new school application materials.

Current Applicants

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