Expansion Applicants

The expansion application is for existing CSI schools that are seeking to expand the scope of their existing program and is used for both expansions and replications of existing CSI schools.

Contact Authorization_CSI@csi.state.co.us for more information.

2024-25 Cycle

Activity Application Due to CSI CSI Board Action
Application Submission Rolling Deadline 6-8 weeks after submission

Expansion Evaluation

The expansion application is an evaluation of an existing charter school’s success, capacity of the existing school leadership to expand the scope of the current program, and strong student and family demand for the addition of high quality seats. If approved, they are typically treated as an amendment to a charter school’s existing charter contract and do not change the school’s existing charter term.

Customized Applications

CSI develops customized applications for CSI schools seeking to expand the scope of their program. Each expansion application will be customized based on the proposed expansion, the school’s existing body of evidence (academic, financial, and organization performance over time), the time since the school’s most recent charter renewal, and any other relevant circumstances.

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