Find a Charter School

What is a Charter School?

Like all public schools, charter schools are tuition free and open to all students. Charter schools typically have more flexibility in determining their curriculum, staffing, budgets, and overall operations.

Colorado Charter Schools

In Colorado, school districts and the Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI) have the ability to oversee charter schools. CSI oversees 40+ of the 260+ charter schools in the state.

CSI School Listing

To access a map and listing of each CSI charter school by grade, model, performance rating, and location, visit our CSI Schools page.

Enrolling at a CSI School

If you are interested in learning more about a particular CSI charter school or its enrollment process, please contact the school directly.

All Charter Listing

If a charter school is not listed on our website, it is overseen by the local school district. For a complete list of all charters in Colorado, visit the Colorado League of Charter Schools Find a Charter webpage.
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