At CSI, we believe that behind every successful charter school is a high-performing governing board. School board members volunteer their time and expertise to give back to their families and communities. Having served as a member on numerous charter school boards, I can attest to how much time and energy it takes to be an effective board member. I can also attest to how fulfilling it is to serve on a public charter school board.

The year, CSI is committed to focusing on further supporting school governing boards. After all, the charter contract is an agreement between the CSI board and the school board. A school governing board is responsible for monitoring the performance of its school in line with this charter contract. School board members should be prepared to oversee:

  • financial performance,
  • operational compliance,
  • academic success.

They must also focus on evaluating the school leader who is managing the day to day affairs of the school. (We have just posted our School Leader Evaluation toolkit that outlines the statutory requirements, waiver flexibilities, and best practices around school leader evaluation!)

CSI understands the complexity of these responsibilities and wants to act as a partner for school boards as they navigate their roles.

We offer a number of supports currently, including:
  • Board Quarterly Newsletter. This newsletter is packed with updates, resources, and upcoming training reminders. Subscribe today!
  • Board Training & Networking Events. We offer a variety of trainings and events throughout the year on timely topics.
  • CSI Committee & Board Meetings. These meetings are posted in advance on the CSI Calendar, and provide an opportunity for school board members to engage with CSI board members.
  • Strategic Planning. Resources are available on our website to assist school boards in creating and implementing strategic plans.
  • Customized Board Training. The CSI Evaluation & Assessment team works to help school board understand their CARS Reports, and conflict-resolution training is also offered.
  • Guidance Resources and Tools. The CSI School Board Governance Library is full of resources constantly being updated.
For the 2020-21 school year, we’ve added:
  • Quarterly Live Webinars. CSI will host live virtual webinars each quarter to facilitate interactive opportunities for networking and training. Click here to register!
  • Recorded Trainings. Throughout the fall of 2020, CSI will release recorded trainings on topics such as: CSI School Accountability, Compliance Monitoring, Financial Oversight, and more. By the end of the year, CSI will have a set of recorded trainings to help onboard new board members of CSI schools.
  • Board Meeting Reviews. CSI School Support Liaison, John Brendza, along with members of the CSI Leadership Team will attend a board meeting for every CSI school this year. They will utilize the board meeting compliance checklist and board meeting minute checklist to give feedback to boards.
  • COVID-19 Resources for Boards. This year will bring unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. CSI has worked to create resources to help boards navigate their role during this time including a Virtual Board Meeting Checklist for boards to ensure compliance during remote meetings

We know that this school year will bring new challenges. CSI is committed to supporting boards by expanding opportunities for networking and training. We look forward to engaging with you!

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