It’s hard to remember a time when we have been more grateful for educators! This pandemic has turned our education system upside down. It has also given us the chance to witness how innovative, creative, and dedicated our teachers are! We have asked so much of them, and it is truly impressive how they have risen to the occasion.

As educators, we will learn many things from this crisis:

  • how to improve our delivery of instruction,
  • how to better meet the needs of our students,
  • how our students respond and adapt to new ways of learning, and
  • how we can support the socioemotional and mental health of our students.
Importantly, we will learn how deeply committed educators are to their students.

As parents, we have found ourselves in an essential partnership that has taught us so much. We have learned more about our children, their education, and mostly, how much we value our teachers. Hopefully, we will move on from this experience with a new appreciation for our educators as well as a better understanding for how parents can be true partners in the education experience.

This year, our teachers will miss out on the teacher appreciation luncheons and breakfasts. But that doesn’t meet they won’t be celebrated.  There are so many other wonderful ways and opportunities to celebrate our teachers.

CDE’s Teacher Appreciation Week webpage includes many resources, including:

  • deals and discounts
  • sample social media messages and templates
  • sample messages to engage families
  • nomination form for Colorado Teacher of the Year

Let’s make this week even more special for our teachers. Let’s remind them that we greatly admire and genuinely appreciate their dedication to our students. Not only have they done so much in such a short period of time, all of them are thinking ahead to next year. They are asking when will they get to see their students in person, how will they address the learning loss, and most importantly, how will they help their students recover from the emotional and psychological upheaval of this situation.

For all of us, we need to continue to ask ourselves, how will we support and celebrate our teachers?

Teachers from CSI schools have shared some of their stories on the Our Why page. Use the form on the page to share stories of your own! 


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