Amanda Oberg

Amanda Oberg

Communications Manager

Hi! I’m Amanda Oberg (she/her) and I have been with CSI since 2017. As CSI’s Communications Manager, it’s important to me to increase awareness about charter schools, share the innovative ways CSI schools are serving all students, and strengthen the connection between CSI and the schools we authorize. I develop CSI publications and newsletters, grow CSI’s online presence, and also act as the Board Liaison to the CSI Board of Directors.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Media Studies and a graduate certificate in Publishing. I have been involved in the charter sector since 2015, working with the Colorado League of Charter Schools before coming to CSI.

I enjoy working at CSI because I work with talented, passionate people who care deeply about ensuring all students in Colorado have access to high-quality education. I highly value literacy, especially for under-resourced populations, and have volunteered with the AmeriCorps SpeakOut! Initiative and Read Ahead. It is important to me that all students have the opportunity to learn in a way that fits them best.

I hope to continue sharing the personal stories of CSI students, families, and staff far and wide!

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