The following is a transcript of Sabrina’s testimony at the Capitol against a bill that would have stripped funding from CSI schools.

My name is Sabrina. I am here to represent New Legacy Charter School and [this is] my son Avyan. I’d like to talk about the importance of charter schools in my education. I didn’t always value my education and dropped out at 16 thinking I knew it all. I had it all figured out. Soon after I became pregnant at 18. I quickly realized how serious life is. Traditional public school was no longer an option for me. I needed guidance not only in school but in life.

Doing research I came across NLCS.  They offered me flexibility and a sense of community. My son and I attend school together.

New Legacy is unique because it offers a two-generation approach on education. Teen parents’ graduation rate is very low, but at NLCS our graduation rate is double the national average for teen parents. This school of choice is preparing my son and I in a way no other school could.

I am where I am today because of [this] charter school and where I will be in the future. I give thanks to this alternative option. I am here to represent the students who get pushed to the side because their potential has yet to be recognized.

Sabrina Suarez

Student, New Legacy Charter School

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