I have always wanted my children to have it better than what I had growing up when it came to an education. Years ago when I was living in Chicago, I read an article in a health magazine about something called Waldorf education. It talked about how children learn and express themselves. How they develop and how creativity is explored and encouraged. It taught kids how to think and become self-aware. Naturally curious I (and years before I even had children) I went to a private Waldorf school and interviewed the principal for more information in the event that I wanted my child to attend this school. I was there for an hour grilling her and it was just so fascinating about the way children respond to learning through art, song and movement versus the academic/competitive way that public schools teach. When I left there I said to myself that, “I want to be a kid again and have a do-over”.

So years later when I finally had children, I certainly could not afford the private school, nor was there a Waldorf school in Colorado Springs, but I found a Facebook page about one as a charter school in the process of being created. My husband and I were there for every step of the process of Mountain Song Community School being created. When it did open, my daughter was going into first grade.

She has been there ever since the beginning. She is now in sixth grade and loves school. She talks about all the things she learns and I have a lot of her artwork hanging up all over the house. She talks about stories she has read and learns about mythology. There have been times that my husband and I will look at each other and say, “I didn’t learn about that until I got to college”.

School has opened up her mind to ask questions, be very involved and enthusiastic, which helps to give her a love of learning. It does not give off this competitive vibe, but teaches kids to work together and show compassion. Without CSI, I would never have gotten my wish to send my child, (pretty soon children, my younger one will be entering its kindergarten) to a school that I could only have dreamed of.

I thank CSI for giving this school a chance and look forward to many more years of involvement with it.

Parent, Mountain Song Community School

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