Since preschool, our children have attended Mt. Sopris Montessori. We noticed early on that the Montessori Method was a match for our son. He was thriving in the environment. His love for learning was obvious and we attribute this to the support he received at the school. Our daughter was soon to follow and we could see clearly that Maria Montessori’s holistic learning approach was a match for both of our children. At Ross Montessori School, we see how each classroom is a microcosm of the larger and that each child is learning how their actions impact the whole.  At Ross, our children just love to learn.  They respect their guides/teachers and are eager to participate in their classrooms. As parents, we are grateful that our kids see things with a larger lens and that the learning method touches so many parts of their brain, in turn expanding their perspectives.

Kirsten Morey

Parent, Ross Montessori School

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