“When you know better you do better.”- Maya Angelou

Education has always played a major role in my life.  Like many other aspects of life, education is one where people with the same hope, dreams, and goals can come together and function as one.  Where opinions can form and grow, and knowledge can influence and shape lives forever.

I am currently in my 9th year at High Point Academy. Working in a charter school has provided a sense of community amongst my peers and a sense of belonging for all. Over the duration of my time here, I have held many different positions, including supporting classroom teachers. I took a 2-year hiatus and made my return, where, over the last 4 years I have served as the Enrollment and State Reporting Coordinator, which allows me to experience two unique sides to education. The enrollment side, where I am able to talk with and meet future and current families of students that attend High Point Academy.  As a parent of two boys, both of which have attended preschool here, I understand families when they say they want what’s best for their child(ren). I can relate to these families on a personal level. Given my history with High Point, I am able to provide families with the background of where we once were, how High Point has grown and developed over the years and what they can look forward to when they enroll their student(s). 

The state reporting piece of my job gives me a sense of accomplishment year after year.  The attention to detail, the puzzle fitting, the time, those error reports, the collaboration and energy it takes for one report, sometimes is astonishing, but in a good way!  So many components must align for the reporting piece to be successful. Understanding the data, can help shape a school and unveil its trends.  It also allows a school to make plans and to find a course of action. It can help with predictability and can forecast what to expect next (I’m all about having a plan based on data!) I find myself using data in all my roles here at High Point. I have learned and gained so much knowledge about the process for data submissions and the impacts it can have on a school; this is what makes this position so important.

Data submissions is a never ending task that keeps going all school year. It might sound funny to some but I have never been so protective over the data that gets put into our SIS.  I know that this can directly affect the state reporting process and the data that is submitted. I am sure all the rest of the CSI state reporting coordinators can relate! Work smarter not harder has always been my motto, and it stays true to form with data submissions. I consider this “my baby” and I take a tremendous amount of pride doing it.  I have been able to make this position my own and develop my own process and procedures within the walls of High Point to ensure for a smooth submission process. This would not have been possible without the support and resources from the CSI data submissions staff and the many other data submission coordinators who serve in this role at other CSI schools.

Jill Fitz

Enrollment & State Reporting Coordinator, High Point Academy

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