I am the mother of a 1st grade student at Mountain Song Community School, and I would like to share how much this school has impacted our lives. My daughter has always struggled with classical learning methods: memorizing, flash cards, and busy work coupled with her anxiety was a recipe for tears and discouragement.

After meeting a family from Mountain Song I knew that this learning style was what my daughter needed. I am proud to say that my daughter no longer fears reading out loud because she no longer fears mistakes. She has also fallen in love with math and has a deep relationship with her peers.

We have made our daughter’s attendance at Mountain Song a priority for our family, and have turned down multiple career moves in order to stay local. See, private Waldorf schools cost upwards of $15,000 a year. Because of Mountain Song’s charter status, students like my daughter are given access to this incredible teaching model without having to suffer financial hardship. 

We are very proud of our school and look forward to watching it grow in our community.

Hannah Lewis

Parent, Mountain Song Community School

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