For all the official channels new parents can go through to get here, New Legacy Charter School’s word-of-mouth reputation brings us some of our best and brightest students. Erendira Hernandez – known in these parts as Endy – learned about New Legacy from her cousin Eileen, herself a new mom, as she was preparing for the birth of her daughter Evelyn.

Endy was planning on completing her education elsewhere, through remote learning, when our school came onto her radar and she felt drawn to the sense of community. Endy is now preparing to graduate and she credits a great deal of this achievement to New Legacy’s commitment to aiding new parents in their education as well as the full development of their children. “Anytime I need to go see her, she’s right across the hallway.”

At first, Endy was admittedly nervous to begin school here and found herself questioning if she was doing the right thing. But she quickly began to feel supported by the staff as well as her fellow classmates.

“In my other school, it was more isolated – even with my group of friends. Here, we get to do more activities all together as a school.” She credits being in a close knit community where everyone helps one another with the things they need as a key component to her success. “If Dero isn’t here, other teachers can help me with math.”

New Legacy has helped Endy get to the educational finish line as well as offering opportunities for Evelyn to interact with other infants and learn how to communicate. “It’s not like other daycares – it’s like a little school for them.”

Along with the Early Learning Center’s support of Evelyn, our school’s parenting classes have given Endy a multitude of tips and advice to navigate early motherhood.

“Most of the parents I know from my old school dropped out. If I had done that, the only advice I would have gotten would have been from my mom and grandmother. They give great advice, but I would not have all the resources I need if I hadn’t come to school here.” Endy also credits the opportunity to compare and contrast notes on motherhood with other young parents at school as a great source of strength and information during her time here.

Endy has been around dogs and horses her entire life, and this love of animals has inspired her to pursue a career in the field of veterinary medicine through Pickens Technical College. She’s leaned on enough support at New Legacy that it’s her main piece of advice for incoming students: “Focus and try to get your credits and try to graduate as early as you can. Start college early. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from other parents. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice.”


Student, New Legacy Charter School

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