Mountain Song is a charter school that I go to and I love it there. The grades go from kindergarten to eighth. I am in seventh grade. I have been here since the school first opened when I started first grade. Mountain Song is such a supportive school because everyone is friendly and kind. What classes do we have? Well, I will tell you. We learn main lesson, math, language arts, music, Spanish, handwork, ag arts and more. I also love the school because every Friday we are reminded about kindness and compassion. Everyone has a place at Mountain Song even if they think they have no friends.

 For example, I was having a hard time one day. I was walking around the playground all by myself. As I was passing by the swings, someone from the other seventh grade class noticed I was looking a little sad. So, she invited me to join her and her group of friends. I joined them and now I have new supportive friends who can help me when I’m feeling down.

 Even though we are all in different grades, we act like one big family. The older students get to be buddies with the younger students. What I’ve noticed is that this creates a bond between the younger and the older students. Every day, when see each other around the school, the younger buddies acknowledge the older students, run up to them, and hug them.

 I am happy about being part of the Mountain Song family. After someone leaves the school whether after graduation or before that time, they are always welcome to our school festivities as though they had never left. All of this makes me proud to be part of Mountain Song Community. When I’m there, I feel happy.

Anna Burkett

Student, Mountain Song Community School

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