Grievances Against Institute Charter Schools

The Colorado Charter School Institute (“Institute”) functions as the state authorizer for high-quality charter schools in Colorado. The Institute is responsible for granting a charter contract to the charter school and ensuring the charter school performs within the guidelines, standards, and laws imposed by the charter contract and state and federal laws and regulations.

Institute charter schools in Colorado are publicly funded and open to all students.   Each Institute charter school has an independent governing board that is responsible for the financial, organizational, and academic viability of the school.  Institute charter schools have the freedom to establish their own policies, design their own educational program, and manage their own human and financial resources.  

The Institute does not have jurisdiction over school operational issues, such as attendance, grading, staff hiring, and school curriculum.

Each Institute charter school utilizes a tiered approach for grievances. Please see the specific Institute charter school’s website to find the grievance policy in the Parent/Student handbook and specific contact information.  The school’s grievance policy must be followed in its entirety.

CSI adheres to the CSI Grievance Policy. Generally, the following steps should be followed.

  1.  Address Issue with Those Directly Involved. The grievant must first bring the concern to the attention of the individual(s) directly involved. 
  2.  Address Issue with School Leader. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached at the lowest possible level, or where the complaint directly involves the School Leader, the concern may then be brought to the attention of the School Leader.
  3.  Prepare a Written Grievance for the Charter School Governing Board. In cases when the concern has not been addressed at Steps 1 and 2 to the satisfaction of the grievant, the grievant may file a formal written grievance to the School’s Governing Board.
  4.  Submit a Written Grievance to the Colorado Charter School Institute Executive Director. If the grievant is not satisfied with the School Board’s determination not to review the written grievance or the written resolution reached by the Governing Board after reviewing the grievance, the grievant may submit its concerns in written format to the Institute within five business days from receiving the written decision of Governing Board.  After review, the Institute’s Executive Director will publish his/her conclusions in writing within 15 calendar days from receipt of the written concern.  The decision of the Governing Board will not be overturned unless there are compelling grounds that the School violated an applicable law, regulation, policy, or contract provision.  The Institute can be contacted at (303) 866-3299 or
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