Colorado Charter School Institute

The Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI) is the state's only non-district charter school authorizer.  Currently, the Institute authorizes 34 Colorado charter schools across Colorado. CSI accepts applications from those interested in starting a charter school as well as those interested in transferring, expanding, or replicating an existing charter school. Learn more here>>

Our Mission

The mission of the Charter School Institute shall be to foster high-quality public school choices offered through Institute charter schools that deliver rigorous academic content and high academic performance in a safe environment and on par with the highest performing schools, including particularly schools for at-risk students.

Updates & Announcements

Students Graduate from Early College
"The open-enrollment charter school was founded in 2012 as a tuition-free public school that allows students to earn college or technical-school credits along with their high school classes. The students can earn an associate's degree or certificate at no cost to their families."

Summer Feeding Program

USDA Food and Nutrition Services are assisting children, teens, parents and community leaders find summer meal sites in their communities. To find a summer meal site near you, call 1-866-3-HUNGARY, or visit

SB 191 Implementation Toolkit

Click to access the Colorado Legacy's Foundation's SB191 Implementation Toolkit.

CDE's Strategic Priorities: Updates
Stay on top of CDE's strategic priorities like accountability, assessments, & educator effectiveness!