Jessica Tribbett

Jessica Tribbett

Data Specialist

Hello, I’m Jessica Tribbett (she/her) and I have been with CSI since 2019. As CSI’s Data Specialist, I assist our schools in submitting accurate and timely data for various state and federal collections. I also create trainings and help schools with troubleshooting any data errors or issues that come up in a collection cycle.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Masters of Library and Information Sciences.

I enjoy my work at CSI because I get to work on problems surrounding data and connect with people in our schools through this work. I’m passionate about data and the stories data can tell. Helping our schools submit accurate data that reflects their hard work and dedication to their students is something I love doing.

When not working I’ll be taking the dogs for a hike, reading, or bookbinding! I also occasionally do freelance work by processing multispectral images for cultural heritage artifacts.

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