Teacher Student Data Link

The Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) enables the state to connect students with the educators responsible for their learning. The aim is for the system to provide dynamic data that enables users to learn from the past and understand the present so that they can take appropriate actions to impact the future.  

TSDL Interchange Information

2016-2017 Trainings

Teacher Student Data Link Training Webinar [Recorded Webinar] [Slides

The TSDL state reporting collection shows the instructional relationship between teachers and students. This webinar will cover reporting details such as the reporting timeline and an overview of the submission process for CSI schools.

2016-2017 Resources

The TSDL requires the submission of the following files:
1) Standard Course Codes
2) Course Enrollment File
3) Instructor File
*CSI schools are not required to submit the instructor file as part of the TSDL data collection due to the waivers they have been granted.