October Count


The Student October (Pupil Enrollment) collection contains student enrollment information as of the pupil enrollment count date. This information is used to determine the school demographics, number of students in instructional programs, free and reduced lunch counts, and distribution of School Finances across the state.  

SIS Setup & Training / Data Entry

PowerSchool CO State Reporting Online Documentation
English Learner Coding Scenarios
CDE Language Instructional Program Options (LIP descriptions)

CSI Training

17-18 October Count Submission Training Webinar [Recording] [Slides]


8//24/2017 Initial File Submissions Due
9/1/2017 Deadline to Request FRL Variance Waiver
9/1/2017 Deadline to Request Alternative Count Date
9/30/2017 Deadline to Submit Homeless Forms (McKinneyVento)
[10/2/2017 Official October Count Date]--Also PK Count Date
10/3/2017 Level 1 Errors Cleared
10/6/2017 Home Based Education Form Due 
10/24/2017 Level 2 Errors Cleared
11/2/2017* CSI expects to provide first Summary Reports to Schools
11/9/2017** Deadline to Submit Signed Certifications

*Dependent upon all schools clearing errors by specified deadlines
**Any requests for changes must be received by CSI on 11/7/2017

File Layout and Definition Documents

2017-2018 Student Demographic File Layout and Definition document
2017-2018 Student School Association File Layout and Definition document 
2017-2018 Title I File Layout and Definition document

Business Rules (troubleshooting errors)

2017-2018 Business Rules with CSI Troubleshooting Notes
The Google spreadsheet has a tab for troubleshooting Student Demographic (Level 1) Errors, Student School Association (Level 1) Errors, and October Count (Level 2) Errors.


CDE 17-18 Audit Resource Guide
CDE 17-18 At-Risk Audit Resource Guide

August 29, 2017

17-18 October Count Audit Training Webinar

1:00-2:30 PM


Call in:  1-888-740-4219

Participant Code:  723732#

This training webinar will cover essential information about the audit procedures around the 17-18 October Count data collection.  

Additional Resources

2017-2018 Home Based Education Form (coming soon)
2017-2018 October Count Data Verification Strategies Checklist
Searching for Students Who Do Not Meet Full-Time Funding Criteria

Pupil Membership
CSI Running Pupil Membership Counts By Grade