Impact Aid

Impact Aid Program (IAP) is a federal grant that seeks to compensate local education agencies (LEA) for lost local revenue due to tax-exempt federal property. CSI will be applying on behalf of its CSI schools during the 2017-2018 school year.

Funding is based on a federal formula codified by law and annual appropriations, but is essentially determined by the count of federally connected students enrolled at a LEA on the given count date (October 2, 2017 for CSI schools).

Federally connected children is a broad term that includes:  
-children of members in the uniformed services
-children who live on federal property
-children whose parents work on federal property
-children who live in federally subsidized low rent housing
-children who live on Indian lands

Training Resources

Impact Aid Training [slides] [webinar
Colorado Eligible Federal Properties - list of eligible properties for residing on or being employed on for the Impact Aid Program


Impact Aid Parent Survey Form - share with families on/after October 2, 2017.
Impact Aid School Cover Sheet - for school to complete and submit, along with documentation of eligibility, to CSI by December 4, 2017.

Impact Aid Parent Survey Form (Spanish)