End of Year (EOY)

The student end of year snapshot collects the educational information for student for a school year.  This includes the student demographic information and the students entry and exit from within a district.  This information is used to calculate dropout, graduation, and completion rates.  In addition to this,  the student end of year snapshot collects high school student's post secondary and AP course information.



16-17 EOY Submissions Training [webinar] [slides (updated 4/3/2017)]
Clarifications to Questions Asked During Training [PDF]

16-17 EOY 'Initial' Summary Report Review Training [recording] [slides with notes]


Student End of Year Adequate Documentation - Please be sure you have adequate documentation on file before determining the appropriate exit code for students that exit your school.  Sample forms, including a Confirmation of Attendance form, are included as well. 

The 16-17 End of Year submission requires all schools to submit a Student Demographic (SD) and a Student School Association (SSA) file.  Schools offering advanced placement and postsecondary courses must also submit an Advanced Course Completion (ACC) file. CSI designated Title I Targeted Assistance schools must also submit a Title I file.
2016-2017 Student Demographic File Layout - CSI Additions (last updated 4/20/2017)
2016-2017 Student School Association File Layout - CSI Additions (last updated 4/10/2017)
2016-2017 Advanced Course Completion File Layout - CSI Additions (last updated 4/10/2017)
2016-2017 Title I File Layout - CSI Additions (last updated 4/10/2017)

2016-2017 English Learner Coding Scenarios Sheet [PDF]

The following business rule Excel files are CSI modified versions of CDE's documents.  The documents list all the errors that schools may have in their EOY error reports.  The rightmost column of each file contains suggestions from CSI on fixing errors.  These are works in progress for 16-17 and schools should check back now and then for updated versions of the documents (we anticipate making updates until the 16-17 EOY submission finally closes at the end of the 2017 calendar year). 
16-17 CSI Student Demographic (SD) Business Rules 
(last updated 3/31/2017)
16-17 CSI Student School Association (SSA) Business Rules (last updated 4/28/2017)
16-17 Student End of Year Snapshot Business Rules-CSI Additions.xlsx (Updated 9/1/2017)