Alternative Education Campus

AEC Renewal/Application Collection

The CSI data submissions team will manage this collection component.

Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute 22-7-604.5 (2) (a), the Colorado Department of Education is directed to aid in the collection of data to all district school boards to file requests for public schools which desire to be considered alternative education campuses. This website contains resources concerning the data collection for the eligibility criteria for alternative education campus designation.

This collection is an annual required collection for any school wishing to be designated as an Alternative Education Campus (AEC).

AEC Selection of Measures Collection

The CSI accountability team will manage this collection component.

Alternative Education Campuses (AECs) have a specialized School Performance Framework (SPF). As part of this specialized SPF, AECs are allowed to submit optional measures based on local data. This collection is the method by which AECs can submit their approved optional measure data to be reported in their AEC SPF (see State Board of Education Rules 1 CCR 301-57 for specific guidance on this policy).


Renewal Application file due April 26, 2018 (extended)
Error clearance by May 1, 2018

File Layout and Definition Documents

2017-2018 AEC Renewal File Layout and Definition (for SY18-19)

Business Rules (troubleshooting errors)

2017-2018 (for SY18-19) Business Rules with CSI Troubleshooting Notes (this link will take you to the AEC tab)

Additional Resources

CDE 2017-2018 Policy Guidance: Accountability for Alternative Education Campuses