Human Resources


The Human Resources collection contains all general education staff information as of the official staff count date. This information is used for school staff demographics, average salaries by position and education level, highly qualified status for teachers and paraprofessionals, turnover rates and educator effectiveness ratings.    


HR Prep Training Webinar [webinar] [slides]

17-18 HR Main Trainings
New HR Data Contacts – 40 minutes [webinar][slides]
Returning HR Data Contacts – 25 minutes [webinar][slides]


10/27/2017 Initial File Submissions Due
11/20/2017 Level 1 Errors Cleared (or before you go on Thanksgiving break, whichever comes first)
12/20/2017 Level 2 Errors Cleared (or before you go on winter/holiday break, whichever comes first)
1/18/2018 Deadline to Submit Signed Certifications


File Layout and Definition Documents

2017-2018 Staff Profile - CSI Additions (last updated 12/6/2017)
2017-2018 Staff Assignment - CSI Additions (last updated  01/25/2018)

Business Rules (troubleshooting errors)

2017-2018 Business Rules with CSI Troubleshooting Notes (The Google spreadsheet has a tab for troubleshooting Staff Profile (Level 1) Errors, Staff Assignment (Level 1) Errors, HR (Level 2) Errors, and December Count Staff (Level 2) Errors.)


Additional Resources

2017-2018 Steps for Completing the HR Data Collection
2017-2018 Staff Profile Template*
2017-2018 Staff Assignment Template*

17-18 HR Coding Scenarios
Data Validations for HR Data Collection
‚ÄčHR Editable New Hire Form
IDEA School Instructor Form 17-18
2017-2018 CDE ESSA In-Field Crosswalk

*Returning CSI schools should use the Starting Point files. New schools should use the blank templates below as the starting point.