Special Education End of Year

The Special Education End-of-Year Student collection is required to obtain data on students who were referred, evaluated, or received special education services throughout the school year. Information is also collected on students who received services in an eligible facility or were tuitioned to an in-state or out-of-state non-public school program or public agency. The data collected includes information on exits from special education, part C evaluations, and the services students in special education are receiving. 



New SPED EOY Data Contacts - 35 minutes [webinar] [slides]
Returning SPED EOY Data Contacts - 23 minutes [webinar] [slides]


03/14/2018 Initial File Submission Due
05/09/2018 Level 1 Errors Cleared
06/06/2018 Level 2 Errors Cleared
06/27/2018 Deadline to Submit Signed Certifications

File Layout and Definition Documents

2017-2018 Child File Layout with CSI-Specific Notes (last updated 4/09/2018)
2017-2018 Participation File Layout with CSI-Specific Notes (last updated - 04/09/18)

Business Rules (troubleshooting errors)

2017-2018 Business Rules with CSI Troubleshooting Notes(The Google spreadsheet has a tab for troubleshooting Child (Level 1) Errors, Participation (Level 1) Errors, and SPED EOY (Level 2) Errors.)

Additional Resources

2017-18 Data Validation Strategies Checklist - Child and Participation
SPED Participation Common Coding Scenarios
SPED Common Coding Scenarios Supplemental Guidance

SIS Resources

1.17-18 Infinite Campus SPED EOY Setup Guidance  [pdf] (last updated 1/24/2018)
2.Steps for Using Alpine Achievement to Extract the Child and Participation files 17-18 version [pdf] (last updated 03/07/2018)

3. Fields in Alpine that Extract into the Child and Participation files [pdf]
4. Customizing Measures And Plans - BASIC [pdf]
5. Alpine SPED EOY and December Count Webinar #1 [pdf]
[permissions, tool setup and overview, extracting Child & Participation Files]

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