Special Education Discipline

The Special Education Discipline snapshot contains information on children with disabilities served under IDEA subject to disciplinary removal. This information is used for Federal and Indicator reporting, to monitor state performance, and to examine issues related to disproportionality and in policy development decisions. 

CSI SPED Discipline Guidance Document (PDF)

2016-2017 Discipline Interchange File Layout and Definitions - CSI Additions
16-17 DisciplineTemplate - rev.xlsx

The following business rule file is a CSI modified versionsof CDE's document.  It lists all the errors that schools may have in their error report for this interchange.  The rightmost column contains suggestions from CSI on fixing errors.  This is a work in progress for 16-17 and schools should check back now and then for updated versions  (we anticipate making updates until the collection closes later this year). 
2016-2017 Discipline Interchange Business Rules (last updated (3/31/2017)
CDE has not yet posted a 16-17 Snapshot Business Rules document.
Common SPED Discipline Errors for CSI Schools [PDF}