December Count


The Special Education December Count collection is an annual count of Eligible Students Under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as of December 1st used to generate federal funding to provide specialized student services. Special Education December Staff Data is also required to obtain actual data on special education staff employed by administrative units on December 1st of each year so that appropriate licensure and endorsement of staff can be verified; and reports can be made to the State Legislature, Federal government, local administrative units, and the public.


18-19 December Count Data Entry/Submissions Training
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17-18 December Count Submissions Training
New December Count Data Contacts – 17 minutes [webinar] [slides]
Returning December Count Data Contacts – 12 minutes [webinar] [slides]


10/30/2018 Initial File Submission Due
11/27/2018 Level 1 Errors Cleared
12/01/2018 Official December Count Date
01/03/2019 Level 2 Errors Cleared
01/16/2019 Deadline to Submit Signed Certifications

File Layout and Definition Documents

2018-2019 Special Education Child File Layout - CSI Additions (last updated 8/02/18)
2018-2019 Special Education Participation File Layout - CSI Additions (last updated 8/02/18)

Business Rules (troubleshooting errors)

2017-2018 Business Rules with CSI Troubleshooting Notes (The Google spreadsheet has a tab for troubleshooting Child (Level 1) Errors, Participation (Level 1) Errors, Staff (Level 2) Errors, and Student (Level 2) Errors.)

Additional Resources

18-19 Steps for Completing the December Count Data Collection
2018-2019 Child and Participation Data Validation Strategies Checklist
18-19 SPED Participation Common Coding Scenarios
SPED Common Coding Scenarios Supplemental Guidance 
Child and Participation File Crosswalk for Infinite Campus

Alpine Achievement Resources

1. Steps for Using Alpine Achievement to Extract the Child and Participation files 18-19 version [pdf] (last updated 7/21/2018) [webinar]
2. Alpine IEP Sections -  Child and Participation files [pdf]
3. Child and Participation File Crosswalk for Alpine [pdf]
4. Customizing Measures And Plans - BASIC [pdf]
5. Alpine Beginning of the Year Setup Guidance 18-19 [pdf]