School Discipline and Attendance (SDA)

The School Discipline and Attendance collection contains school level information for (1) the counts of students disciplined based on the type of incident (behavior of the student) and the demographics of the student and the numbers of incidents (2) the counts of students that brought or possessed a firearm and the action taken for those incidents and (3) the attendance information for each school.

16-17 Training
Student Discipline and Attendance Training  [slides] [webinar]

PowerSchool State Reporting Guide
PowerSchool Release Notes

Attention PS Users:  As of 4/18/2017 PowerSchool is still working on updating the Attendance Report as it is not currently pulling the 16-17 new fields.  They expect to have the issue fixed by the end of April.

Infinite Campus SDA Guidance

2016-2017 SDA File Layout - CSI Additions

The following business rule Excel file is a CSI modified versions of CDE's documents.  This document lists all the errors that schools may have in their SDA error reports.  The rightmost column of the file contains suggestions from CSI on fixing errors.  This is a work in progress in 16-17 and schools should check back now and then for updated versions (we anticipate making updates until the 16-17  submission finally closes at the end of the 2017 calendar year). 
Business Rules Additional Guidance _WorkingDraft (Updated 4-24-17).xlsx