School Discipline and Attendance (SDA)


The School Discipline and Attendance collection contains school level information for (1) the counts of students disciplined based on the type of incident (behavior of the student) and the demographics of the student and the numbers of incidents (2) the counts of students that brought or possessed a firearm and the action taken for those incidents and (3) the attendance information for each school.

CSI Training

17-18 SDA Training - New Submission Contacts - 40 minutes [webinar] [slides]
17-18 SDA Training - Returning Submission Contacts - 24 minutes [webinar] [slides]


4/19/2018 - Initial Test Submission
6/8/2018 - Initial Submission Due - All Schools*
6/12/2018 - Level 1 Errors Cleared - All Schools**
6/15/2018 - Summary Certification Reports Due

* - Files should be submitted no later than two business days after your last day of school or no later than June 8th (whichever comes first).
** - Schools with errors need to have error corrected and new files submitted within two days of receiving the error report.

File Layout & Definition

2017-2018 School Discipline and Attendance File Layout - CSI Additions (last updated 5/10/18)

Business Rules

2017-2018 Business Rules with CSI Troubleshooting Notes 
The Google spreadsheet has a tab for troubleshooting Discipline by Action Errors, Discipline by Student Demographics Errors, Firearm (GFSA) Discipline Errors, and Attendance Errors.

SIS Setup & Training

17-18 PowerSchool SDA Setup Guidance (updated 1/9/2018)
17-18 Infinite Campus SDA Setup Guidance (updated 1/9/2018)

Additional Resources

2017-18 School Discipline and Attendance Data Validation Strategies Checklist
PowerSchool Attendance Setup Page
PowerSchool Incident Management Quick Entry