October Count

The Student October (Pupil Enrollment) collection contains student enrollment information as of the pupil enrollment count date. This information is used to determine the school demographics, number of students in instructional programs, free and reduced lunch counts, and distribution of School Finances across the state.  

2016-2017 Training and Resources
October Count Submissions Webinar (8/17)  [slides] [webinar]
2016-2017 October Count Data Verification Strategies Checklist

October Count Audit Webinars [slides
Part I (October Count Purpose, Reporting Accurate Data, Audit Procedure, Supporting Documentation, October Count Date and Count Period)
Part II (Membership and Funding, Calendars & Bell Schedules, Student Types/Scenarios)
Part III (At Risk/Free and Reduced Lunch Status, Data Validation Process)

October Count Audit Supporting Documentation
2016-2017 October Count Audit Supporting Document Checklist
2016-2017 October Count Audit Supporting Document List by Date

SIS October Count Resources
Searching for Students Who Do Not Meet Full Time Funding Criteria [PDF]
Infinite Campus Attendance Enrollment Schedule Reports [PDF]
PowerSchool Attendance Enrollment Schedule Reports [PDF]
    OctoberCount.zip (PowerSchool pst import--you must unzip the file after downloading)

2016-2017 Town Hall Archives 
Archived town hall presentations can be accessed here: www.csi.state.co.us/school_resources/submissions/data_pipeline_resources/town_hall_meetings​

2016-2017 Forms
16-17 Home-Based Education Form  (Closed--was due October 7th)

2015-2016 Training and Resources
2015 October Count Webinar [9/3 recorded webinar]
Slides for the 2015 October Count Training [pdf]

CSI schools should refer to the CSI website calendar and emails for CSI-specific deadlines, as these deadlines are in advance of CDE's deadlines.