State Assigned Student Identifier Number (SASIDs) are unique student numbers, which were created to satisfy Colorado legislation that required the tracking of student performance over time and across districts. The six elements obtained to uniquely identify a student in the Record Integration Tracking System (RITS) are the following: last name, first name, middle name, birth date, gender, and grade. The Record Integration Tracking System (RITS) is accessed via a secure, public internet connection and requires a unique user ID and password to enter. This web portal is where SASIDs are viewed, updated and/or obtained. A RITS/SASID training can be found here

The Educator Identifier System (EDIS) enables CDE to conduct detailed analysis of educator mobility over time by assigning unique educator identifiers to each educator in the State of Colorado. The state assigned educator identifier (EDID) remains with the educator indefinitely. The use of the EDID provides CDE with the ability to uniquely identify each educator. CDE, district and school staff access the system through an interactive web application.

To obtain a RITS or EDIS account and for instructions and templates for SASID and EDIS requests, view the resources below. 

CSI collects all RITS and EDIS request templates via FileZilla

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