Special Education

CSI operates as the Administrative Unit (AU) with authority for oversight and legal compliance for the delivery of Special Education services to students with disabilities. Each Institute school is responsible for meeting all Federal and State Special Education Laws.

Special Education Law refers to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA or IDEIA) and the Colorado Exceptional Children's Education Act (ECEA) and related charter school laws pertaining to special education.

Special Education FAQs

Special Education Human Resource Handbook


Matt Hudson
Director of Special Education

Special Education Policies and Procedures: CSI offers an "off the shelf" manual to provide schools with guidance on special education processes. Included in this manual are several sample procedures that schools can customize to their program.

Individual Education Plan: The Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) and the Exceptional Children’s Education Act (ECEA) govern the IEP process and have established the IEP as the structure for meeting the educational needs of students with disabilities.

SPED Eligibility & Assessment: HB 11-1277 made conforming amendments in the Exceptional Children’s Educational Act to align with federal requirements and/or terminology used in the field. There are 13 disability categories for school-age learners and 1 specific to infants and toddlers.

Mental Health & Behavior: The Colorado Department of Education has developed a guide designed to assist school personnel, students, and their families in understanding and accessing mental health services in school and during transition from school.

General Information for Staff: As the Administrative Unit (AU), CSI is committed to providing culturally relevant and appropriate resources to its member schools to help them meet the needs of exceptional students.

General Information for Parents: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the federal law concerning the education of students with disabilities, requires schools to provide parents with a notice containing a full explanation of the procedural safeguards available under the IDEA.