Colorado Preschool Program

In 1988, the Colorado General Assembly created the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) to serve the young children in Colorado who were most vulnerable to starting grade school unprepared. The legislature recognized that providing quality early childhood education would ultimately curb dropout rates, help children achieve their full potential, reduce dependence on public assistance, and decrease susceptibility to criminal activities (22-28-102 C.R.S.)  

Colorado Preschool Program 101 for CSI Schools [1/9/2014]
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For more information on the CPP, visit CDE's Colorado Preschool Program website. For CSI-specific questions related to the Colorado Preschool Program, please contact 303-866-3299.

General information on preschool requirements and licensing

CSI Preschool Advisory Council

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CSI Preschool Advisory Council Bylaws

CSI RFP Application due March 4, 2016

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