Monthly Meetings

October 20, 2016: webinar  slides

Topics: Meeting Format, October Count Verification, ALP Audit Timeline, ALP Contents, December ALP Compliance Check, Early Access Communication, CDE Professional Development Resources

November 17, 2016: webinar  slides

Topics: ALP Checklist - New Elements & Rationale, Snapshot of CSI Gifted Education Demographics, December ALP Compliance Check

January 19, 2017: webinar  slides

Topics: Update on December ALP Checklist & December ALP Compliance Check, Changes to format for Spring ALP Checklist, Tips for Converting to New Gifted Codes, 2017-2018 CGER, PD opportunities

February 16, 2017: webinar  slides

Topics: Trends in ALP Checklist Review, C-GER timeline and overview of school activities, Universal Screening Grant reminders