Teacher Induction

Induction Goals:
  1. To design and maintain an induction program that focuses on the Colorado standards by which all school professionals will be measured.
  2. Develop and maintain a process to facilitate regular planned interaction between accomplished teachers and new teachers for the purpose of providing opportunities for goal setting, modeling/observation, conferencing feedback, and social support.
  3. Establish a program which will promote retention and enhance the opportunity for provisional teachers to achieve success by providing the necessary support and guidance in a systematic and structured process.
  4. Create a supportive environment where school professionals feel comfortable in taking risks and in asking for information and/or assistance from colleagues.
  5. Provide the opportunity for accomplished teachers to assume a leadership role in the community and with CSI by sharing their expertise, supporting their profession, and participating in the continuing development of the Induction Program.

CSI Teacher Induction Program Overview

Program Length: 1 school year

CSI Induction Program Deliverables:

‚ÄčComplete throughout the year and submit to CSI School Programs Specialist in June.
Induction Participants:
-Newly licensed teachers to get their professional license

-Out-of-state but fully licensed teachers who wish to use the program to familiarize themselves with the school/Colorado teaching

-Fully-licensed teachers who have taken a sabbatical and are returning to the classroom.

Mentor Qualifications:
-Completion of minimum of three years licensed teaching and/or support services experience (5 years preferred)
-Minimum of two years at the CSI school conducting the induction program if appropriate.
-Willingness to serve as a mentor
-Experienced professional who models standards with demonstrated excellence in practice
-Knowledge of both classic and current trends in pedagogy
-Competent in interpersonal and public relation skills

Mentor Requirements:


-Teaching experience
-Graduate education and/or in-service programs from CSI and Colorado League of Charter Schools
-Previous mentorship experience


-30 hours minimum in formal meetings and training sessions with inductee throughout the school year
-Available for small visits and consultations in the school building and via cell phone throughout the school year
-Conduct at least one documented observation and evaluation prior to the inductees’ formal observation by administration