School Forum

The purpose of CSI’s School Leader Forum is to serve as a venue where CSI school leaders can overcome the barriers of geographic distance and share best practices, consult on specific challenges and build an online professional community. Please adhere to the guidelines and policies when participating in the forum.

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Online Forum Guidelines
  1. Do not post to the online forum or transmit anything in an e-mail message via the online forum that you would not be comfortable writing in a letter or memo.
  2. Whenever practical, link to the source of information to which you are referring.
  3. Do not post personal messages meant for one person in the group to the entire online forum.
  4. Before creating a new topic, please check to ensure that the topic has not already been addressed. If it has, please respond to the already existing thread. You can do so by clicking Post to reply to the original post or click Reply to reply to the most recent post in the thread.
Online Forum Policies
  1. Participation in CSI’s online school leader forum discussions is limited to current CSI school leaders, who must be approved for group membership by a representative of CSI.
  2. Information shared via the online forums should be considered confidential, unless otherwise stated. Forum members should not forward any part of online discussions to others without group approval. CSI staff members on the online forum are held to the same confidentiality requirement.
  3. No material on the online forum may be duplicated electronically or in print form, re-transmitted, redistributed or otherwise used for commercial ends. Any user who duplicates electronically or in printed form, re-transmits, redistributes or otherwise uses material on any CSI online forum shall be solely responsible for any violations of copyright, proprietary or other personal right, including libel or slander, or any other personal injury.
  4. Opinions expressed on the online forums are those of the writer, not the Charter School Institute.
  5. CSI will not edit any online forum message, although a user may edit his or her posts. CSI does however reserve the right to delete content deemed inappropriate or in violation of our policies.