Governing Documents

Accreditation Contracts
Accreditation contracts, separate from the charter contract, are required per CRS 22-11-307(1)(a) and written into the Education Accountability Act of 2009.  To learn more about accreditation contracts, please see the Accreditation Contracts Webinar.

Governing Documents Modification

The Institute has developed a Governing Documents Modification Form that provides Institute charter schools with guidance and a format to propose changes to the School’s existing charter and/or additional governing documents. This form is the initial step in any potential governing document modification.

Changes Requiring Advanced Approval from the Institute (and Submission of the Governing Documents Modification Form)
Changes to the below items would require advanced approval from the Institute:

  • Mission, vision
  • Grievance policy
  • Enrollment policy and procedures
  • Education Service Provider (change in existing provider or existing provider's services, agreement, etc.)
  • Non-Academic Programs (material change to existing programs or addition of non-academic programs such as Transportation, Food Service, etc. not included in the application)
  • Grade level and enrollment (outside of any Institute-approved expansions)
  • Educational program (special education plan, material change to existing programs or addition of programs such as Online Learning not included in the application)
  • Interim assessments (change of assessment or administration)
  • Calendar days, hours (reduction of 10% or more, 4 day week)
  • Location modification (additional facility or change of facility)
  • Insurance coverage (reduction of coverage)
  • Contract modification due to clerical errors (typos, incorrect date, etc.)
Changes Requiring Notification to the Institute (but not advanced approval from the Institute) 
Some changes to governing documents do not require advanced approval from Institute but do require that you notify the Institute.  For any changes listed below, please email the updated document(s) to Trish Krajniak at unless otherwise noted. You do not need to complete the Governing Documents Modification Form.
  • Corporate status (Articles of Incorporation)
  • Bylaws (notify the Institute within 10 days of board approval)
  • Board-approved budget (as updates are made, send to
  • Employee Handbook (as updates are made)