Compliance Monitoring

As a charter school authorizer and in line with best practice, CSI is responsible for implementing an accountability system that streamlines local, state, and federal expectations and compliance requirements while protecting a school's autonomy and minimizing the administrative burden on schools.

To this end, CSI has developed a compliance monitoring system that monitors school fulfillment of local, state, and federal requirements.  

2016-2017 Submissions
View a list of the 2016-2017 Organizational Submissions/Audits.

View the 2016-2017 Assurance of Compliance 

In general, this compliance monitoring system includes submissions and audits:

1) Submissions to CSI staff  
  CSI requests various submissions throughout the year and as needed to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements.  The following list provides some of they key required submissions  

Annual submissions:
-Assurance of Compliance [see sample]
-Proof of Insurance
-School Safety Plan (in alignment with CSI's Safe Schools Policy and Policy Supplement)
-School Calendar

Submitted once and only again if changes are made:
-Accreditation Contract (only if accreditation rating changes) 
-Waiver Request and Rationale Plan 
-Certificate of Occupancy
-Parent Complaint Policy (in alignment with CSI's Parent Conflict Resolution Policy)
-Employee Handbook
-Enrollment Policy
-Admission (and denial of admission) Policy
-Staff Grievance Policy
-Lease, Purchase, or Financing Agreements
-Student Code of Conduct / Discipline (suspension/expulsion) Policy
2) Document audits by CSI staff to confirm compliance
  CSI conducts audits of various requirements to ensure compliance. Audited materials include:
-Public posting of board meeting agenda, minutes, and board policies
-Posting aligned to the Financial Transparency Act