Charter schools may receive waivers from specified areas of statute once a charter contract has been established. This flexibility is intended to provide charters with the autonomy to fully implement the educational plan outlined in the school’s contract with the authorizing district (i.e. CSI).

Update to the Waiver Request Process [December 2015]
As you may know, the Rules for the Administration o the Waiver of Statute and Rule was recently updated and approved by the State Board of Education.  Please see the memo from CDE's Schools of Choice Unit for more detail: https://www.cde.state.co.us/cdechart/charterwaiverboardrulechange-guidance121715

CSI schools interested in requesting waivers are asked to submit the following the Janet Dinnen at least 4 weeks before the CSI Board meeting in which they would like the waiver request(s) reviewed:
   -a listing of any automatic and non-automatic waivers, and
   -a rationale and replacement plan for each non-automatic waiver requested

This will allow enough time for CSI to engage in the optional early review process with CDE and to develop a staff recommendation for the CSI Board in preparation for their review and a contract amendment.  If the CSI Board approves the waiver request, the contract amendment will be signed by the CSI and school board.  Once the contract is signed, CSI will submit the signed contract to the State Board of Education to review and approve the request.

​Rationale and Replacement Plans
CSI schools must submit a rationale and replacement plan for each requested non-automatic waiver. Each waiver from state statute or rule must contain a rationale as to why the waiver is being requested and a replacement plan indicating how the school will continue to meet the intent of the law. Please see the CDE Waiver webpage for a sample rationale and replacement plan.