School Closure Procedures

Overview of Charter School Closure Procedures

The Charter School Institute provides detailed steps for the appropriate closure of Institute Schools, keeping in mind the best interests of students and families. The Charter School Institute staff and Board recognize the extreme difficulty of this process for the students, families and staff at the School. The purpose of CSI Closure Procedures is to provide guidance for the proper implementation of school closure procedures with transparency, clarity and sensitivity to those affected. It is CSI’s goal to work collaboratively with the School’s Board and staff to support the closure process and to ensure the best interests of students are being met throughout the School’s final year of operation and beyond. 

Colorado Charter School Institute Closure Procedures Document

The work detailed within the document is significant and will require devotion of significant time on the part of the School. CSI stands ready to clarify any required actions and provide support where feasible. That said, these procedures are meant to serve as a guide for the School and its Board of Directors and should not be considered exhaustive or tailored specifically to the School. CSI recommends that the School consult with an attorney during this process to ensure compliance with state and federal law.