Compliance Monitoring

As a charter school authorizer and in line with best practice, CSI is responsible for implementing an accountability system that streamlines local, state, and federal expectations and compliance requirements while protecting a school's autonomy and minimizing the administrative burden on schools.

To this end, CSI has developed a compliance monitoring system that monitors school fulfillment of local, state, and federal requirements.  In general, this compliance monitoring system includes submissions and audits of key policies and practices.  The submissions may change from year to year depending upon changes in law, rule, or policy.  

For this year's compliance monitoring, please review the 2017-18 Organizational Submissions and Audit calendar and instructions and the 2017-18 Assurance of Compliance.

For an overview of the 2017-18 Organizational Submissions and Audits, please view the following webinar:  2017-18 Organizational Submissions Webinar 5/31/17.