PowerSchool is the student information system used by some CSI schools and will continue to be included in each school’s administrative fee to CSI through the 2015-2016 school year.  (Beginning the 2016-2017 school year, schools that choose to remain on CSI-hosted PowerSchool will pay Pearson directly for licensing.  All schools must have their own SIS beginning the 2018-2019 school year.) 

If you are experiencing issues in your CSI-hosted PowerSchool account, please log in to PowerSource and reference the many support articles and documentation.  If you are unable to find a resolution, please contact your school level PowerSchool Point of Contact.  Should the PowerSchool Point of Contact be unable to resolve the issue after reviewing PowerSource and CSI-provided guidance, then the contact can escalate the issue to CSI's PowerSchool support via email: support_CSI@csi.state.co.us.  


Resource Notes 
Creating & Managing PowerSource Accounts for School Users 

Each School's PowerSchool Point of Contact will be able to create PowerSource accounts for all school users. 

Commonly Used PowerSource Article IDs  This links to a list of the most commonly requested article IDs in PowerSource. 
Accessing PowerSource's Support & Tools 

All PowerSource users will have the ability to access the support and tools listed in the document beginning August 2014.

Mastery in Minutes Course List
Distance Learning Course List
Distance Learning Courses by Role and Recommended Timeline [editable]
Distance learning and Mastery in Minutes courses will be available beginning August 2014 for all school users.  Please note, school users must have PowerSource accounts created in order to access training.