Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings are designed to provide school leaders and school staff an opportunity to discuss timely, relevant topics that are conducive to in-person training, incorporate work time for school leaders to complete essential tasks, engage in networking and best practice sharing to capitalize on knowledge and experience within the portfolio, and facilitate opportunities for increased engagement with CSI staff including the Executive Director.

CSI has identified three regions within the state: Western Slope, Denver (including Fort Collins), and Colorado Springs.  


 CSI Regions

CSI hosted the first regional meeting in May 2016. Materials shared or presented at the Regional Meetings can be found below. Please click on the link to access the material 


Materials Presented at All Meetings

Material Presented at the Western Slope Regional Meeting

Material Presented at the Colorado Springs Regional Meeting

Material Presented at the Denver Regional Meeting

Fall Regional Meeting Presentations (September 2016)

School Leader Strand

Student Services Strand

Finance Strand



Winter Regional Meeting Presentations (December 2016)



Marketing & Recruitment


Spring Regional Meeting Presentations (May 2017)

 School Leader Strand



Board to Board