School Board Governance

The Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI) wants to provide school board members with the information and resources necessary to effectively serve their local school. Developing highly trained and effective board teams will help to positively affect student achievement and education.

CSI has developed a Board Governance Self Assessment to help school boards identify specific areas of strength and areas of weakness as well as a Board Training Search Tool to that allows board members to search for specific training, browse by category, board experience level, and school accreditation rating.

Many board governance resources have been developed by organizations throughout Colorado.

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The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has developed and made available 30 training modules for charter school governing board members. The Choice and Innovation unit within CDE has also compiled a list of governance and leadership best practices on their website 


 The Colorado League of Charter Schools offers customized governance tr‚Äčaining designed to meet a school's unique needs around board development. Their workshops can be held onsite at your charter school or location of your choosing and are facilitated by a member of our cadre of experienced charter school professionals.

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 CSI has developed and prepared board governance training that is specific to CSI and provides additional information relevant to board members of CSI schools.