The WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (W-APT) is an English language proficiency screener test given to incoming students who may be designated as English language learners. It assists educators with programmatic placement decisions  of ELLs. A high level overview of W-APT is offered below. 

For questions on W-APT administration, please contact CSI's District Assessment Coordinator, Jessica Welch.

Purpose of

  • To identify students who may be candidates for English as a second language(ESL) and/or bilingual services
  • To determine the academic English language proficiency level of students new to a school or to the U.S. school system in order to establish appropriate levels and amounts of instructional services
  • To accurately assign students identified as ELLs to one of the 3 tiers for ACCESS for ELLs®testing

Who Takes    

Every student new to your school with a home language survey indicating that a language other than English is spoken at home must be tested, regardless of whether a student was previously identified. (Sample Home Language Survey forms can be found in the appendix of the EL Guidebook below.)

Testing Timeline

Testing must take place within 30 calendar days of enrollment.  For students enrolling after after October 1, testing must take place within 14 calendar days of enrollment.


Assessment Resources

  • FileZilla: School ACCESS contacts can log in to their CSI FileZilla account to access secure test materials 
  • WIDA Website This site includes training resources and certification quizzes for those administering the W-APT 
  • W-APT Score Calculator (not to be used for Kindergarten) Staff input raw scores to receive a calculated composite proficiency level.
  • Speaking Samples (use WIDA log in to access) 
  • ACCESS Training:80% required for ACCESS test administrators, recommended but not required for W-APT
  • CDE's English Language Assessment: This page contains W-APT cut points for determining ELL eligibility and NEP/LEP classification

Regulations & Guidance Resources

 Training  Link to 8/25/16 Training Webinar