Unified Improvement Planning

Colorado schools and districts can improve student learning and system effectiveness by engaging in a cycle of continuous improvement to manage their performance. To support this purpose, the Education Accountability Act of 2009 requires each Colorado district and school to create an annual improvement plan. The Colorado Department of Education has developed a unified improvement planning template and processes to support schools and districts in their performance management efforts. The UIP template has been designed to meet state, federal, and program accountability requirements. For more information on Unified Improvement Planning, please visit CDE's UIP page.

CSI’s UIP Support & Timelines

CSI, through its Annual Performance Report (APR), provides each of its schools with the data analysis and target setting, both of which are required for the Unified Improvement Plan.  By providing schools with a thorough analysis of student performance and realistic targets for improvement, schools are then able to focus their attention of identifying root causes and action steps for the UIP. Schools’ deadlines for completing the UIP requirements are based on their plan types. View the UIP Process and Timeline document for additional information. 

New Schools

New schools will be given their rating in the fall by CSI.  New schools are required to engage in the UIP process.  Please review CDE's New School UIP Guidance for more information.  

Priority Improvement & Turnaround Schools

Schools receiving a Priority Improvement or Turnaround rating have additional requirements.

  1. Parental Notification PI and T schools are required to notify their students’ parents if the school is assigned a Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan within 30 days of the school receiving its preliminary plan type and set a public hearing for parents to review the plan. These notices must include (1) the school's plan type, (2) the performance results that led to that plan assignment, (3) the timeline for developing and adopting the required plan and (4) the date, time and location of a public hearing for parents to review the plan and answer questions prior to adoption by the school of the plan. Sample plans can be viewed in Appendix K of the District Accountability Handbook. The notice must be provided to parents within 30 days of the school receiving its preliminary plan type. If your school submits a request to reconsider your school's plan type but the plan type remains Priority Improvement or Turnaround, parents must be notified within 30 days of receiving the final determination. During these public hearings, your school board must review your school's progress in implementing its plan during the preceding year and in improving its performance. A sample parent notification letter can be found in Appendix K of the DAC Handbook.   

  2. 3rd Party UIP Support  PI and T schools are required to have an external, 3rd party support in the development of the Unified Improvement Plan. This external support can take the form of attending two or more UIP trainings or involving an educational peer outside of the CSI school portfolio. Schools are required to submit the UIP 3rd Party Development Form to CSI documenting the 3rd party support they received.

  3. Interim Assessment Data PI and T schools may be requested to submit interim assessment data to CSI.

  4. Submit UIP Draft PI and T schools are required to submit a draft UIP to CSI in December. 

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