CSI's Annual Review of Schools

CARS 2.0 Webinar Series (February - March 2017)
CARS 2.0 Update  [slides]
Proposed Academic Framework I  [slides]
Proposed Financial Framework [slides]
Proposed Organizational Framework [slides]

Proposed Academic Framework II [slides]
Accreditation Process [slides]


2016 CSI School Accreditation Ratings [pdf]
based on 2015-2016 academic, financial, and organizational performance

CSI has developed a variety of evaluation tools (known as the CSI Annual Review of Schools, or CARS) as a means for providing schools with in-depth analysis and explanation of academic, financial, and organizational performance outcomes throughout their charter term. These range from detailed annual performance reports to user-friendly calculators that forecast accreditation ratings and produce recommended targets at the district, school and individual classroom level.


CSI Performance Frameworks

The CSI School Performance Frameworks have been developed in conjunction with the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) to evaluate school performance in the areas of Academics, Finance and Organization. Serving as a guide to schools, these documents detail the measures and metrics by which CSI holds schools accountable. These measures, which are coupled with the application of sensitive weighting and aligned with the state’s School Performance Frameworks, result in a school accreditation rating. 


The Annual Performance Report (APR) 

An Annual Performance Report (APR) is developed for each CSI school.  The APR summarizes the school’s cumulative performance data and compliance information in alignment with the Performance Frameworks and any Mission-Specific Measures from the school. The APR provides schools with in-depth analysis and explanation surrounding performance to help schools identify truly significant trends. These qualitative and quantitative analyses will provide guidance and direction for the school throughout its life span.


The Performance Calculator

The Performance Calculator is a tool provided to CSI schools to calculate an overall performance rating from framework measures as well as project recommended achievement and growth targets based on the input of historical performance on the state assessment that will frame the foundation of improvement planning.  The targets identified using the Performance Calculator are included in each school's Annual Performance Report.


The Performance Dashboard

The Dashboard is a tool provided to CSI schools that serves as a way for the Institute to integrate selected information from the Performance Frameworks into a unified display. It aims to serve as a snapshot of overall school performance from year-to-year, producing a single rating that draws upon the output of the Performance Calculator.