The CSI Annual Review of Schools (CARS)

The CSI Annual Review of Schools (CARS) is the system used to annually evaluate and accredit its schools based on Academic, Financial, and Organizational Performance Frameworks.

CARS was developed to fulfill statutory requirements and to align with best practice. CSI is required to annually accredit its schools per C.R.S. 22-11-307(1). The accreditation system should consider the state’s school performance framework indicators (achievement, growth, postsecondary). Districts and CSI are able to accredit schools using measures that are “more rigorous in expectations” than CDE’s system for districts C.R.S. 22-11-307(2). The CSI Annual Review of Schools (CARS) is the system used to fulfill these statutory requirements by building off of the academic expectations included in the state’s accountability system, adding to them and adding is measures of financial and organizational performance.

Additionally, annual performance reporting is an essential authorizing practice for effective oversight, communication with charter schools, and public accountability and transparency. It lets a school know how it’s doing, provides information to help a school develop and improve, provides the school the opportunity to regularly check its record with the authorizer, and provides public transparency.

CARS will help to accomplish three primary objectives:

  1. Add to the body of evidence that is used to make authorization decisions
  1. Determine accreditation rating used primarily to inform authorization pathways 
  1. Determine level of support/intervention to provide to school

CARS 2.0 Resources

The CARS system was updated during the 2016-2017 school year. CARS 2.0 will be implemented in the fall of 2017. 

CARS Handbook (2017)  
CARS Technical Guide coming in late fall!


School CARS Accreditation Ratings

2016 CSI School Accreditation Ratings [pdf] 
based on 2015-2016 academic, financial, and organizational performance