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We believe that our singular focus on charter schools translates into tailored customer service, a keen understanding of the unique needs of charter schools, a consistently transparent and collaborative approach to all issues, and the ability to better advocate for charter schools’ needs. With CSI, your school will always be the “rule” and never the “exception.”

Our systems and staff are focused on providing each school the support it needs to thrive. Lower performing schools receive the additional assistance they require while higher performing schools enjoy increased autonomy, including an application process with fewer conditions. All schools receive CSI’s customized data analysis services, which provides schools the in-depth information they need to confidently guide decision making.

CSI also offers a Board of Directors, appointed by the Governor and Commissioner of Education, that reflects the diversity and stability needed to ensure long-term stability for our portfolio of schools. Lastly, CSI is designed to pass through a maximum level of funding directly to the schools and is therefore competitive both financially and with regard to the services offered to our schools when compared to many of the districts statewide.

CSI's Offerings
As a charter school authorizer, CSI’s main responsibility is to manage performance contracts with autonomous schools in service of high student outcomes. Compliance with state and federal regulations is also a critical component of our services. In addition to providing oversight in authorization matters, CSI offers services that support the effective operation of schools. CSI’s experienced team offers the following services to its charter schools: 
  • Customized Analysis 
  • Board Governance Training 
  • Financial Services 
  • Data Management 
  • Student Information System 
  • Exceptional Students 
  • Nutrition Programs